what is upscale attire

What is upscale attire?

Upscale attire is dressier than casual wear and can double as work wear or an outfit suitable for the weekends. Other terms used to describe upscale attire are dressy casual, upscale casual, smart casual and country club dress.

What is upscale casual attire?

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Women's upscale attire can include a pair of well-fitting jeans or slacks that aren't too tight, but don't have a baggy appearance. The top can be simple or have a print, but it is best to avoid T-shirts or tank tops.https://www.pinterest.com/powerpoint_templates/game-powerpoint-templates/ Add a belted blazer or cardigan if going to work, or a scarf or jewelry accessories for running errands. Heels work best for upscale attire, but dressy ballet flats can pull a dressy casual outfit together.

For men, upscale attire includes a button-down shirt, pressed pants, dress shoes and an optional tie. Accessories are also optional and can include a watch or necklace.

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